Making It As An Independent Artist

To interpret art is a subjective experience, but would this experience be improved if we knew a little bit more about the origin of an artwork? Read ahead to discover how Pikcha is championing independent artists by implementing a gallery approach to its online listings.

Art reflects, informs, and influences the culture of our society. It communicates to us, often what words cannot express; emotion, symbolism, and meaning. But who is communicating this meaning to us?

While we interact with art, we often forget to engage with its producer; the person who imbues this meaning in the first place – the artist.

Pikcha is partnering with independent artists from around the world to share their stories and draw attention to the significance of their work. Find out how below.

What is an independent artist?

The term ‘independent artist’ does not just refer to individuals who create art in a traditional sense, such as those who paint, sketch, or sculpt. It can extend to photographers, graphic artists, street artists, print makers, and more.

In essence, being an independent artist is not defined by the type of artwork that an individual creates, but rather the way they choose to make their money.

Independent artists are typically not affiliated with studios, institutes, galleries, or publishers. They instead choose to earn their money solely through art sold.


Becoming an independent artist requires a lot of self-promotion. With no one to back you, it can be hard to attract the right attention.  

New online platform Pikcha is making this process easy by gathering independent artists in one place. Artists can build their own online store on the platform for free, and market to customers in more than 100 countries.

Gallery Cards, included with purchased prints, can be scanned by customers to discover more information about the artist and the artwork itself – much like a real display card you would see in a gallery or museum. In doing so, Pikcha is dissolving the mystery behind wall art and reattaching the artist’s intended meaning.

Buy Independent

Selecting and purchasing a piece of art is a very personal process.

Varying taste levels, aesthetic preferences, and personal attachments cause buyers to place value on different aspects of an artwork.

As such, a savvy artist will not try to single-handedly cater to every buyer in the market. They will instead create a niche for themselves that appeals to a high-quality cross section.

Most buyers, however, will place value in the scarcity of a product. On Pikcha, prints available for sale are limited to 100 copies. Each is printed with a unique edition number, hand-selected by the buyer. This is also recognised as its certificate of authenticity.

Pikcha aims to promote the value of work created by independent artists who are looking to share their work with the world. It is important – now more than ever – to buy independent. In doing so, you not only support the artist, but a global creative community.

Please click for more information on how you can become a Pikcha Artist, or browse the catalogue to purchase your first print.

By Jacinta Walsh

Jacinta Walsh is a writer and content creator from Melbourne. She currently works as Pikcha's Marketing Manager.