Customise Your Profile

Use these tools to curate your Pikcha profile and start engaging with collectors in your market.

Your Pikcha profile acts as your digital storefront, so it’s important that you do everything you can to attract customers to it! Like you would dress a physical store with a new coat of paint or interesting décor, your online store can benefit from a few personal touches, too.

There are several ways you can customise your Pikcha profile to ensure you’re selling yourself, as well as selling your artwork online. Read ahead to discover how.

“Jessica Day is a photographer from Melbourne, Australia, who specialises in fine art photography. She is constantly inspired by the members of her community, and endeavours to capture 100 hands in 100 days. Follow her journey or buy her prints below.”

Crafting Your Bio

Your bio is featured at the top of your Pikcha profile, and is a section that customers often look to, to get to know more about who they’re purchasing from. Art is all about connection, so the more they can find out about the artwork and its artist, the more likely you are in making a sale!

When crafting your bio, you could choose to include information such as the medium you work in, where you’re from, how long you’ve been practicing your craft, current projects, or what inspires you. Perhaps you could write an artist’s statement that you use across all social platforms to ensure consistency.

It’s important to use a tone that reflects your work. For example, if your work depicts illustrations of cartwheeling cats, a fun and playful tone would pair nicely, whereas photojournalistic images would suit a more reserved and informative tone. An appropriate length for your bio is between 50 – 100 words; however, there’s plenty of room to get creative and let collectors know who you are.

Updating Profile Image

Your profile image is an important feature of your profile. It also sits above each of your images in our trending feed alongside your name. As such, collectors will begin to associate your profile image with your name and the style of image you create.

Your profile image should represent who you are. Perhaps it’s of you, perhaps it’s your logo, or maybe one of your artworks. Whichever you choose to represent your brand, keep in mind that it should connect to your bio and reflect its tone.

Cropping Images

When cropping your images, you have the option to choose between 4:5, 3:4, 2:3, and 1:1 ratios at the time of upload. There are several ways you can crop your images, to curate the appearance of your profile.  

Alternating between different ratio options will create a masonry gallery effect, which causes your images to appear at varying levels – looking quite dynamic.

For a more ordered look, you might like to keep all of your images in the same ratio to create a grid effect. This works particularly well if you prefer to work in square 1:1 formats.

Creating Albums

If you like to work across several styles or mediums, the albums feature on your profile can be a great way to organise your content. Organise your images into certain categories, colours, or styles to make it easier for collectors to view your work as a collection.

Albums are also great for searchability. If one of your images appears in an album, that album will be suggested to collectors viewing your work via the trending page. This then prompts them to navigate directly to your page to view your collection, and increases your chances of making a sale.

Linking Social Media

Advertising your work is so important when it comes to selling online.

Giving customers the option to follow you on social media, is a great way to generate brand awareness. Just remember that your socials and your Pikcha profile should be complementary to get the most out of either. Just as your socials feature on your Pikcha profile, the link to your Pikcha profile should feature in your social bios.

You can also use our sharing tools to download watermarked versions of images you have uploaded, as well as scene mock-ups, to share on social media. Get the word out and maximise your following on your social profiles to boost your sales on Pikcha.

By Jacinta Walsh

Jacinta Walsh is a writer and content creator from Melbourne. She currently works as Pikcha's Marketing Manager.