Watermarking Your Images

When selling your artwork online, it’s important to protect your images from image theft and copyright infringement. Here, we’ll look at the best ways to protect your images that also help to advertise your business.

Sharing your work online is an important part of your advertising practice. However, careful attention should be paid to the way in which you choose to do so. How you choose to share your images can significantly impact the value and safety of your intellectual property.

Utilising a watermark when sharing your images online is a great way to protect your IP, gain greater exposure, and add a professional touch to your images.

Read our guide below on how to create a watermark. 

Creating A Watermark

There are several types of free software available to artists and photographers as a means to watermark their images. Some examples include:

Visual Watermark:




Most software simply requires you to upload your image and select and size your desired watermark placement.

Custom Watermarking

If you favour a more custom method, you can also create your own watermarks using your preferred editing software. To create a watermark, place your logo (or relative text) on a transparent background and set the opacity between 30 – 70 percent. The opacity will control how bold your watermark will appear on the image. Try to find a balance between knowing it’s there and being so bold that it detracts from the overall image.  

Placing Your Watermark

Once you have your watermark ready to go, it’s time to place it on your image.

An effective watermark should be centralised and embedded within the image in a place that makes it as hard to remove as possible. Avoid placing your watermarks on plain backgrounds or on corners that can be easily cropped.

It’s considered best practice to include several smaller watermarks rather than one large watermark, so that you don’t detract from the artwork itself. It’s also wise to include your details in the metadata of the image. This can be achieved via your editing software when saving the image.

Watermarking On Pikcha

When you download an image from Pikcha, we make sure to watermark it with our logo. For a more personalised way to share your images, opt for the solutions above.

Your collection on Pikcha is exclusive to our platform. With an efficient watermark you can protect your images from image theft and ensure the scarcity of your 100 prints remains over time. Give your collectors peace of mind every time they go to make a purchase by watermarking your images today.

By Jacinta Walsh

Jacinta Walsh is a writer and content creator from Melbourne. She currently works as Pikcha's Marketing Manager.